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What is Heapo?

You copy & paste every day! In this multi-device era, how do you copy & paste text, link and image across these devices?

Heapo lets you copy Everything, use Anytime and paste Anywhere!

Heapo takes advantage of the new iOS8 widget feature to make copying and pasting seamless.

Why Heapo?

Copy and Paste any kind of format


Dropbox Sync

Stop worrying about the vital information on your clipboard! It’s safe with us!
Using the Dropbox, Heapo gives you the access to your clipboard anywhere anytime!

Easy Clipboard Management

Heapo enables you to manage your clipboard. You can view, search, clear and edit your clipboard’s content. You can directly share it on Twitter, Evernote, E-mail, IMs and… .

iOS Features

Unlimited Clips

There is no limitation. You can add as many clips as you want to Heapo. Those would be there until you remove them.

Lock On Lock

Ideally, widgets are visible in the notification center when devices are locked. To safeguard your clipboard and all your saved clips, Heapo presents a “Lock on Lock” feature that stops others to view your clipboard and your saved information when your device is locked.

Heapo Widget

Use this widget for a quick and simple copy of several things at the same time, then paste them in any order, anytime, anywhere.

Search in Spotlight

Directly, the data on the clips are easy to find through the Spotlight Search.

iPad Split-View and Slide-Over Support

As for the iPad air 2 users, Heapo will be your true company experiencing the multitasking activities. Add Heapo to Side-by-Side and Slide-Over mode and it helps you copy & paste in no time!

Download Heapo for: